Joyce Yee, PhD

Joyce is a design researcher, author and designer. She is currently an Associate Professor at the UK’s Northumbria University’s Design School teaching interaction, service and innovation approaches across undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Transformations is a natural follow up to her previous book, Design Transitions, a book about how design practices are changing. She has over 15 years working experience in a wide range of academic and professional environments as a user researcher and as an interaction and service designer. Joyce’s research is focused on the value, role and impact of design in organisational contexts.

Emma Jefferies, PhD

Emma is a business coach and service designer, and is the co-author of the book ‘Design Transitions’ (BIS, 2013). She holds a PhD in design and is part of the Design Thinkers Group. Her natural habitat is out in the wild, working with global innovation teams, consultancies and governments in South America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Emma helps organisations become more productive by facilitating people in working together to reveal a core purpose, daily practices and a vision. She is currently working with a UK government department creating empathy practices.

Kamil Michlewski, PhD

Kamil is a brand strategy and innovation consultant, author and speaker. He is currently working as a Senior Innovation Consultant at Human Innovation. Kamil was awarded a PhD on the subject of design and business in 2006. Over the last 10 years he has been helping blue-chip clients such as Electronic Arts, Marriott, Nestle, Sony, and Visa with challenges ranging from category growth and brand positioning to human-centred innovation. In 2015 Kamil published a book titled ‘Design Attitude’, which explores the nuances of design in the context of innovation and organisational cultures.